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In the Culture section of Image Curve you will find intriguing articles about eternal social issues, cross cultural rules, universal dilemmas, also places and events that shape culture and us.

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108 Powerful Mantras to Live By

1. Today is a day2. Every choice creates you3. Every place in the world is the perfect place to be4. The present is the only thing you truly own5. Collect yourself in the joy...

Inspiring Short Stories, Old and Happy 0


Inspiring Short Stories   Isaiah stepped from the warm foyer, closed the front door and into the crisp morning air. The sweetness of a new day and the stillness of the empty street caused...

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Mindful Saturday

Woke up later than usual at seven. Smiled and went to the bathroom, brushed my teeth. In the kitchen, I washed an apple and boiled water for tea. Poured the water over the loose...

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Re-discovered Fossils

Parables can be learned from many events. Usually, lessons are learned from the past. In my opinion, most parables that can still be applied in modern society can be learned from The Holy Bible....