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Mindful Saturday

Woke up later than usual at seven. Smiled and went to the bathroom, brushed my teeth. In the kitchen, I washed an apple and boiled water for tea. Poured the water over the loose...


Re-discovered Fossils

Parables can be learned from many events. Usually, lessons are learned from the past. In my opinion, most parables that can still be applied in modern society can be learned from The Holy Bible....

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Surname Changed

People ask me,”When are you going to change your surname?” First, make me clear that is it really all about only changing surname? That’s it? No, according to what I feel. It is about...

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How to Become an Extrovert

Social Articles   ‘The best conversation you could ever have is with a stranger.’ Said someone well endowed in the universe of a fruitful chat. The liquid shapeless manner of the matter of talk elevates...