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Here we include prose and poetry that pay tribute or explore the realm of human relationships of all sorts and shapes.

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Saturday Afternoon

Short Story The woman came by each Saturday afternoon with a record player and a considerable stack of records. The hands that dropped them into place were heavily veined and thick with age, shaking...

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Senior Prom

Short Story   My collar was too tight. It was my brother’s old dress shirt, and he was a lot smaller than me. I tried to not make it obvious I was uncomfortable, and...



The  man sat at a table in the crowded restaurant. Upon the arrival of the waitress he smirked at the menu, “The Country Breakfast used to be five ninety five and now it’s six...

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Travel Together

Poem   I don’t know and you don’t know What comes and goes, what lies ahead Only thing I ask of you to never let go Are the memories of our promises Ups and...