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Death Wish

Short Story 1. The 27th Birthday- Back then, everything was fine. Good days have a way of burning themselves deep in our memory, and then itching like a bitch every time it hurts later....

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Revolution of Self

Spoken Word Poem   I need a revolution of my self. I need to overcome the alienation that society has imposed on me, separating what I do from who I am and know I...

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Poem   Time dancing on your head, you cannot be everywhere you think you can. Scanning through schedules, checking every man. Disappointment will persist, inevitable lack of a plan. Plan what you may, plan...

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Aphrodite’s Toes

a poem of devotion to love & beauty I kissed the toes of Aphrodite, her sweet scent of rose filling my nostrils as my lips touch her soft skin. I bow down in surrendered...

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Poem Oh boy… We have come to this Weather a rose down to its thorns You see something hidden in the lush Notes of the petal’s scent Sharp pain a secondhand prize Awarded to...

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Short Story   “And I don’t think I could ever love anyone else, now that I’ve met you,” I said with a long, drawn out smile. I’d not expected my face to contort like...

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Morning Counterpoint

That ticking clock. An electric hum. The gurgle of dripping coffee. Louder highway traffic. A gradual brightening of the sky above the Maple Six AM reflection… lines under my eyes Photo by Yaniv Knobel on Unsplash