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No Mind Morning Mantras

Morning Mantras No fear No doubt No craving No regret No past No future No thoughts No pain No universe No mind

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The Janitor

Short Story About Identity The janitor was always depressed and cynical. This was nothing new. The monotony of his occupation had left him numb, but he had no complaints. The anxiety he used to...

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The Human Comedy: Thankskidding

Funny Short Story for Kids Miss Trabamentes’ second grade students filed into the classroom like vegan zombies. Thanksgiving Break had stuffed them full, and all they wanted was to rest their heads on their...

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The Joys of Children

Short Story About Decision Making Katie’s room had never had the lace, dolls, or pink accoutrements of a typical girl’s room, not even when she was little. She had never asked for those things,...

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Animal Dilemmas – Wild Ass Bengal Tiger

Short Story About Animals The Tiger was not impressed with the Squid’s rhetorics. It had seen enough hardship to know that rhetorics were just an exercise for the mouth. The Tiger liked to move...

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Snail Eyes

 Short Story About Friendship I once knew a girl that painted the most realistic eyes onto the backs of snail shells. Willow was her name and she was by far absolutely brilliant at it....