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Poem   Dirty bandanna and sweat in my eyes got rags on my fingers to fend off the flies Riddle me this and I’ll tell you I’ve seen cups overflowing and empty canteens Eyes...

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Completing the Chore

The dishwasher hums, and the whooshing of its water drowns out the crickets. I eat my oatmeal out of Frankie’s Frosted Flakes bowl: not another clean one remains. warm aftertasteempty pill containersbeside bottles

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T.V. Queens and Other Harlequin Knights

Free Verse Poem   Hemingway lay down and Dylan swayed the grinding hordes to forsake their caste blues for incense kindled at the fountainhead of avarice while dandy clowns pimp preening puppets to perform...

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O is for Orphan

It seems that the sea is home after all. I labored on the churning brine since boyhood, hauling in the bulging nets, scraping my hands on the antiquated equipment, lulled to sleep by the...