The Virtual Realm

Pokémon Go
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We live in a world where hashtags create revolutions and online petitions mould decisions. The internet is at its optimum and digital media has taken the world by storm. A new concept of ‘Virtual Reality’ is introduced which lets one experience unimaginable activities which are seemingly real…virtually. Humans are almost entirely dependent on digital devices and hence, this leads to the never-ending discoveries of the virtual world. Technology can be compared to the universe- the research is never ending.

We often fail to realize how much we depend on our smartphones- from our daily scroll through Instagram to updating the world on our latest meal through Snapchat, a world without virtual communication feels devastatingly lifeless. Furthermore, the immense knowledge we acquire from such resources are unbeatable and as the years pass by, plenty of advancements are made to make life easier. But this factor often tends to interfere with reality and virtual sources take over our lives. When do we know that it has taken over? When over 80 million people start playing a game which convinces people to experience reality while playing a game virtually. Pokémon Go provides a thin border between real life and the virtual world and hence convinces people that it offers the best of both worlds.

In conclusion, placing equal importance on both the virtual and the real world is critical and long as the virtual realm does not take over an individual’s day to day activities, a positive impact is being made with technological advancements.


photograph by David Grandmougin

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