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What is there to day of the greatest feeling of them all. Love is the topic of most literature and that literature lives here. To all poets, writers and readers welcome home!

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The Red Ribbon

Poem   Night music Drifting with a stranger Feeling a slight sense of beautiful danger Trust feels so exciting The world is expanding Smiling at the unknown Dancing, feeling connected Swept away The world...


Wild Card

Spoken Word   Friction; taste Light it Freebase had its moments Turned-up blazer lapels And colorful dyed ends on Hair twenty years young Synthesizers all tongue-kissed The same, in their metallic way Brought on...

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With You

Poem   Somewhere between the places that you escape to And the places that you roam, The places that you see day in and day out Is the same light, the same sky The...

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Short Story   I don’t know where to begin, Doc. Well, start from the beginning. That’s the thing. I actually have no idea where the beginning is. What’s the last thing you remember? It...

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You’re On Your Own

Poem on Life and Love   When I tried to sort it out I rationalized the cause With doubt in my mind And now I’m caught Watching a feather fight Under the weight of...

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Poem   Someone that listens But does not speak. Pulls you through When you feel weak. Lets the weight off Your back. Helps you, supports you Comments that lift And crack The worries. Feelings...