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What is there to day of the greatest feeling of them all. Love is the topic of most literature and that literature lives here. To all poets, writers and readers welcome home!

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Beguile Through Love

Poem   Half truths, empty lies that’s why I left you behind Cringing in the light of the sunrise I have slowly started to strive Mind ceasing emotions blind I don’t know the wrong...

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Talk 17 – Non-Stop

Short Story Flower lady, there’s a gypsy at the door for you. Let him in the building. Thanks, have a good evening. Is that her husband? Don’t be rude. He’s not. That’s his errand...

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The Thrill in the Chill

Poem   If you feel it is too cold You are missing out On the plenty of warmth Many want to share. Never too cold Always warm Where it counts In my heart. The...

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Spoken Word Never fed Always full Tries to hold Hands never empty Forever on time Rooms always empty Sometimes glad For the echoes Perhaps the silence Is a cure Only one day It will...

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My Captain

Love Poem   I saw you gliding o’er the water, rowing in a steady, slow rhythm toward the place on the sand where I stood, in the white wash of the words you whispered...