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To Be Reborn

Leaves on the ground. Blue on the windows. Steps on the stairs. Red in the eyes. You ate my heart without regret. The feast was witnessed by the dwarfs, and the fairies with their...

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From the Shelf

Poem   From the shelf where she sat, she could gaze at the world, And weigh the good and the bad. From the shelf where she sat, through the glass, at a curve, It...

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TormentedMadIllBrilliantSadMelancholicStupidWicked Words on paperThat is what that isDon’t you think? more by URSULA RABAR BABIC

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Sands of My Broken Timing Glass

How long until the sands run out Of your ticking, tracking eyes That look so freely in and through me And gaze upon shores of my muddled tries How long until the sands run...


Blackbird Artist

Poem   Something drips, Thick like candle-wax, Warm like blood, From the top of the canvas down to the bottom, Making a jet-black streak on the blinding white. A pair of wings shadows the...