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From the Shelf

Poem   From the shelf where she sat, she could gaze at the world, And weigh the good and the bad. From the shelf where she sat, through the glass, at a curve, It...

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Blackbird Artist

Poem   Something drips, Thick like candle-wax, Warm like blood, From the top of the canvas down to the bottom, Making a jet-black streak on the blinding white. A pair of wings shadows the...

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Forget Forgiveness

Poem   Months have passed Summer turned to fall. Days are growing cold- and the wind is blowing fast …away to a crimson sky- bloody sunset and do you know? I still hide to...

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Stage Direction

Poem Kiss (rewind) Act three comes every night. It’s (soft) fleeting, but my first in years. Hands stroking my hips (nails chewed to the quick). I’m not yours. Was I ever (the sort to...

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Blurred Visions

Poem   Keep going my dear, I don’t know why it’s worth it But don’t get tired Of trying to find a reason Times when your tears They don’t stop It’s hard to see...