Category: Haibun

In our Haibun section we pay tribute to this ancient art of combining prose and poetry (haiku) to explore modern notions and dilemmas.

snake rolled up by in moss by hiking trail 0

Encountering Two Snakes

The orange trail ascends Halfway Mountain. Yellow and brown elm leaves blanket the flanks of the path. As I say something to Mira, I jump with a start. Inches away, a black rat snake...

chinese food on table with chopsticks 0

Midday Meal

The bitter-sour flavor of hot-and-sour soup. The doughy texture of the fried dumplings. Fresh sushi. The tangy sweetness of General Tso’s chicken. The sweet, creamy deliciousness of soft-serve vanilla ice cream. No wonder the...

purple dawn over a tree line with a house 0

Ordinary Awakening

I nurse a cup of coffee at the kitchen table, staring out the storm door. The darkness will crack at any moment. Inky black will fade to a deep purple, before transforming into a...

teddy bear in the grass at sunset 0

Those Toy Crabs

The last line of sunlight on the western horizon. A ruffle of papers, the rattle of a ceiling fan. A memory of the plastic crabs that I had come to possess. Was it at...

black and white photo of a man with beard in black trench coat 0

That Black Trench Coat

The late 1910s. Grandpa Vuolo wore it on those cold days when he looked for work. It was black wool, fine as camel hair, with a raised collar and large button; the coat easily...

kitchen in early moring with the sun filtering in 0

Completing the Chore

The dishwasher hums, and the whooshing of its water drowns out the crickets. I eat my oatmeal out of Frankie’s Frosted Flakes bowl: not another clean one remains. warm aftertasteempty pill containersbeside bottles