prayer poem
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Say a little prayer for your neighbor.
He does not know his wrong from the right.
Say a little prayer for that racist.
He distinguishes the black from the white.

Say a little prayer for the love lost.
Love lost in all the terrorist attacks.
These attacks are a failure of us as humans.
Humans killing humans.
Humans killing love.
They are fighting for which injustice by creating havoc, multiplying their own wrath.

Say a little prayer for the sadness.
It is felt in the attackers heart.
Hatred has bred hatred.
The world is falling apart.

Say a little prayer for humanity.
It is guided by controlling, power hungry freaks.
Each tooled with diplomacy, trying to promote the American dream.

Most of all, say a prayer for your own ignorant self.
You are sitting content with your things.
The victims could have been anyone.
Hatred met them in cafes, towers, and streets.



photograph by Luis Pellissier


Image Curve’s Manifesto

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