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10 family values

Do your best and let God do the rest Build your house on solid ground Do the right thing Help others Embrace challenges Have purpose & courage Live simply & seek peace Be kind...

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Nature Mantras

Morning Nature Mantras I am grass I am tree I am river I am rock I am air I am mountain I am sand I am wave I am sea I am nature

Haibun Example, Green Grass

4 Amazing Zen Poems

Like the little stream by Taigu Ryokan Like the little streamMaking its wayThrough the mossy crevicesI, too, quietlyTurn clear and transparent. On Non-Dependence of Mind by Dogen Coming, going, the waterbirdsdon’t leave a trace,don’t...

No Mind Morning Mantras

Morning Mantras No fear No doubt No craving No regret No past No future No thoughts No pain No universe No mind

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10 things that make life beautiful

1. A dinner with family 2. A long walk through the mountains in which you were born 3. A dive into the ocean from a high cliff 4. A moment of laughter shared with...

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10 classic yoga mantras

Yogic mantras and wisdom Like most things, you are nothing: Your success depends on the means you adopt – mild, medium, or intense From development of the mind arise happiness, freedom, and peace The...

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10 principle and values to live by

Values to live by 1. Know yourself 2. Have purpose 3. Be open-minded 4. Be humble and calm 5. Be present and proactive 6. Have courage 7. Grow and learn 8. Live simply 9....