Stories Of The Story… – Part Two: Everybody Got Something To Collect

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Flash Fiction


Once upon a time there was a leaf.

It was brightly green and lived on the branch of a tree.

One day the story came to the tree and climbed up, very cocky. She jumped from branch to branch and so she met the leaf.

The tree was full of leaves indeed, but particularly this one stabbed into her eye. It was in fact made of a very clear green.

The story saluted it friendly and there the leaf blurted out: “I never tried to let myself fall and drift through the winds. Just like the other leaves – I want it so bad!”

There the story warned it very perplexed: “Don’t do it! You don’t know what’s waiting for you and what can happen to you! Please stay here above!”

The story was afraid that the leaf would carry her along and so she got away really swift.

However, the leaf was curious and left the branch. How could it know, that with that everything would be over?

It flew a little through the wind, but then it stayed and layed down dead on the edge of the path.

The evening came and a little Hippie Girl named Azura came along that way and picked the leaf up. Because she was on the road to collect leaves. At home she painted a tree trunk, on which she now glued a big Autumn leaves treetop crown. The little piece of art she hanged up on the refrigerator, right next to the story…


more by Virginia O. Xhaley

photograph by Robert Wnuk


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Virginia O. Xhaley

Letters are words, words are magic, magic is writing. Writing is love. What is love?

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