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The Art of Letting Go

Poem   The creature of my memory collage Came creeping out the subway yesterday It licked its fur as it was dirty And looked perplexed at all the people walking Keeping their distance It...

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Smell Haunting

Poem   I walked in And the smell Took me back Like a time-travel machine To a place Where I crept in fear From room to room Skulked in the smoke, And drank bitter...

Short Family Stories, Butterfly 2

Butterfly Words

Short Family Stories Gretchen’s eyebrows knitted together as she pushed against the wheels of her chair. Things that used to be easy weren’t so easy anymore. As she approached her dressing table a face...

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room of light balls room of candles room of bluebells bluebird then the images disappear as they are wanted to more by URSULA RABAR BABIC

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Spoken Word She never misses As you can see Exhibit A Heart wound Skillfully executed Under breastbone She was never brought to justice Roams the plains Scot-free The ghosts of Buffaloes Echo her every...

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On The Revisit

Spoken Word   Hanging up the motive is harder Than breaking habits Braking at a stop sign From 50 to six miles At the drop of a dime Sets the teeth on edge Be...