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Contemporary Poem 2


Contemporary Poem   I need to go to sleep. I’ve got things to do tomorrow, Things. Always things. I have a tiny baby to hold and prayer cards to laminate for a grieving family...



Spiritual Poetry   The electrical lines cut the sky into strips of pale blue, as the sun washed over them, giving my earthly dome the appearance of A mirror fractured. Did I see my...

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Beauty of Men

Poem   There is a beauty of men Who sit with words Robust in their delusions Simpletons of form and grace Erasing all illusions A man who’s heart is beating Still, endearing language with...


From Malice to Experience

These words of kindness are killing me softly Words once spent with the scent of pure innocence Words now spent with intent of injustice Wilting my working limbs of gentle intention Limbs once lively,...

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The Language of Love

Love is not afraid of cliche, for when it speaks all words expressed before are rendered mute.   more by LUCAS HOWARD Photograph by Denist Soh

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Murphy’s Law

whatever can happen will happen we can lose or win live or die go or stay but we are here, that cannot change and while you fight your fight with everyday miserable moments you’re...

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Ode to Merce

So long maestro — we don’t mourn you; you’ve always walked with the sages. When will we enter again that summerspace? Your ethereal garden of pointed light, where birds disperse into spiral oblivion, and...