Hope is a Dangerous Beast

poem about hope
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Everything looks gigantically
for your sake
little man
freedom does that to you

how long till you can see it all
you ask

the sunrise
brings it all
empty homes
broken doors

you can’t believe,
what they’ve done

bright bayonet,
blue cavern
water behind brown paper

we need to find a way to make it alright
you say

the hope strikes like a knife
fills your gut
creeps up on you
creates a whole new world

people, we need people
your eyes fill up with tears

a bird lands on your head
you are happy
it opens its beak
blood droops down your head

hope is a dangerougs beast
my little man



photograph by Chaz McGregor


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2 Responses

  1. Milen says:

    Beautifully surreal, I don’t get tired from rereading it 🙂

  2. xidan says:

    Hope is only free in a cage 🙂

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