Author: Ursula Rabar Babic

Music Girl 2

And the Spring Finally Came

The choir was singing to your dumb victory raising prayers screaming out loud worshiping your figure. You tart, human exposure of nullity and mediocrity. The song turned around you like a snake it smelled...

red-lit hallway with a red arrow 0


Poem when you place a hand on your heart or hear the buzzing in your ears when your eyes shut still move or the air escapes what do you do? irrequieto the landscape doesn’t...

poem about experience 0

The Dragonfly

Poem The Dragonfly flew away it all started one winter evening when the blackness of the sky landed in the ink I felt change was around me and called on ancient rituals tha dragonfly...

Motorcycle Helmet 0

I Wasn’t There

the wind blew towards my face while I reached the concrete. aaaaaahhhhh was what I said at the end. no memorable quote no flash back just pain and numbness. at least that is what...

Bulbs 2


room of light balls room of candles room of bluebells bluebird then the images disappear as they are wanted to more by URSULA RABAR BABIC

abstract love poem 0

Lights and Raspberries

Poem While I sleep in a world of lights and raspberries you come closer and I write words of heart the lights: blue, then red and yellow kissing continuously play with the weather on...

Life Choices Poem 0

The Choice

Poem   That was it that moment the suspense me growing up and saying no. Suspended in the air my thoughts were trying to grasp the reality of what my brain just did, and...