poems about life plans
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Time dancing on your head,
you cannot be everywhere you think you can.
Scanning through schedules,
checking every man.
Disappointment will persist,
inevitable lack of a plan.

Plan what you may,
plan what you can.
Life will still laugh at you,
through its jimble, jumble, stance.

Don’t waste the energy,
Don’t worry.
Be the lotus,
Be the sun.
Smiling all through this marathon run.

There is no winner in this race of life.
Only the most satisfied one with some peace in mind,
will look through your eyes,
will look deep inside,
searching through the maze of all tension you hide.

Look within,
What are you afraid of?
Time will anyway pass by.
As hard as you may hold on,
Seasons change, trees die.
Learn to dance with time beside.



photograph by Cam Adams


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