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The Poem page groups all the poems published on Image Curve that fall in the more classical realm of poetry.


Silent Pain

I watched you lay there in silent pain I watched you lay look at me in silent pain Your eyes speaking without volume You tried hard to speak to me There wasn’t much I...

Summer Poem 0

Summer’s Spring

Summer Poetry   Summer for the first time Feeling colors and blossoming For the first time A giddiness for the world It tickles in the middle Like a flower playing Peekaboo, giggling Below my...

poems about contentment 0


Poem   The wheels on this rickety country bus continue humming along the warm pavement, turning, just as time turns and ushers me towards that place where you are wherever that is whoever you...

Swimmers 1


On the way home, riding through twilight and vast open fields. The sky is a glowing blue shadow. Serene and deep, we dive into it. Wrapped up in a viscous blanket. Immersed in waves...

Freedom Poems 3

Welcome, Freedom

Freedom Poems   Freedom – my shelter, my home! I forgot your kissing winds, I forgot your caressing hands.   The way you make my heart pulse and throb, the way I am reaching...

Life Poetry 0

The Present Past

Life Poetry   The baguette shaped scar on my finger reminds me of a time when I still believed in magic When I thought I was the reincarnation of a pharaoh’s wife When I used...