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The Poem page groups all the poems published on Image Curve that fall in the more classical realm of poetry.

Sad Poem, Art Photo 0

Perpetual Agony

Poem   Dragging through perpetual agony I crave for that familiar feel Surfing through the layers I dip into the marsh mellow cake Sparkling in the depths Are those ever expressive eyes I plunge...

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Poem   Someone that listens But does not speak. Pulls you through When you feel weak. Lets the weight off Your back. Helps you, supports you Comments that lift And crack The worries. Feelings...

Poem About Identity 0

Forgotten Memories

Poem About Identity   Silent echoes of forgotten memories Wake me in very deep, sound dreams Take me back to songs of emotions Take me far into penetrating reveries What makes me who I...

Relationship Poems 2


Relationship Poems   I can be a butterfly if you like A colourful little creature Full of grace and beauty Or the fresh grass in spring If you wish Snuggled by the rain On...

memory poem 1

Smell Haunting

Poem   I walked in And the smell Took me back Like a time-travel machine To a place Where I crept in fear From room to room Skulked in the smoke, And drank bitter...

wandering 1


Walking down a sparse street Heavy hands Slow feet Heart strings tight like rubber bands Blending in like an unknown brand A street lamp shines with faulty light Giving false hope A cruel joke...