The Price of Life

Poetry About Life
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Poem About Life

They still pick his pieces off the pavement,
Careen. Puzzle pieces pick such somber songs.
Astonished explanations, all strewn insides, vacant
Empty manhood. Cheating mothers leave only nothing.
Here he flies piggyback, bleeds much too easy.
Where will he go when the road leaves nothing?
Stomach turns, returns, mother leaves queasy.
Street soaks up memories of the man, spring soaks away pain
of nights past. New day brings new life somewhere,
Not here. Last sun rising, cloudless day here begins,
Star bright lights sundry streets, wipe her tears
Away now. She glows incandescent, forgets all things.
Sheets strewn across empty rooms, son’s sight sets the road,
Bleeds him dry, lets rain and sun soak away his memory.


Photograph by Ryan Tauss

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