Ode To My Vices

Poem About Vices
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You dull my mind
And turn me blind
But I need you
Don’t I?
Don’t lie.
I need truth too.
I hate you, so much,
But I can’t give you up.
“I think I’m ready,
I think it’s time.”
I’ll throw you away
For about half a day
And then I’ll find
That you’re the only thing
That’s burning through my mind,
And you will bring
Me down upon my knees
Until I bring you back,
Convincing myself you’re what I need.
You have fed
And you will continue to feed
On my soul
And the blood that my wrists bleed,
Paired with astounding lack of conviction.
If you push me I will tip
Tumble over and then fall
I’m not saying don’t do it,
I’m not saying anything at all.

You were always going to have your way.
I wish I still had the faith to pray.

more by T. MAPLEY

photograph by Alexis Arnold

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