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The Romance genre is a home for both prose and poetry that explore love, relationships and romantic encounters of all kinds.

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Senior Prom

Short Story   My collar was too tight. It was my brother’s old dress shirt, and he was a lot smaller than me. I tried to not make it obvious I was uncomfortable, and...

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Who Wants To Know?

Spoken Word Sure, I ramble; sloppy Of course I strike out; ideal-deluded Why certainly prejudice eludes the light of equilibrium; comfort To be sure, all the night has to do is throw its blanket...

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Small Vein

Poem   Love and then all else Or the ashes, the ashes that Go with taking things to heart One way Handsome looks skew the point Or maybe help it all go someplace I...

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Gotta Hand It To You

Spoken Word Astride your prejudices Steadfast clamp of knees To hold fast Against bucking tradition Formerly, a ruse Now, matters of course Flow into oceans of “Say it ain’t so’s” Half-mast slick talk, Eye-rolling...

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The Him

Short Fiction   All my life, I have come across different kinds of people. it didn’t take more than a second to accord them a tagline – ‘friend’, quicker it gets, the shorter they...

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Women want to be kissed. They want romance. At least they think they do until you give it to them and then they stop wanting it, wanting you. It’s about the hunt. Always has...