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There is no truth in words. True communication is ancient. Movement, tone of voice, intonation. Words can be easily manipulated, misinterpreted, unappreciated. Through words we are trapped in a world of self recognition. In...

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Tormented Mad Ill Brilliant Sad Melancholic Stupid Wicked Words on paper That is what that is Don’t you think? more by URSULA RABAR BABIC

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Confusing Words

I often confuse words Pray – prey Accept – except Love – need You can teach me the difference I will not learn I prey, except me for my mistakes And remember that whatever...

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Tongue Tied

We all draw from the same pile, Scoop up our words with practiced ease and Feel them time-smoothed, Ringing with the movement of other tongues. They make such varied shapes; Edging out patterns of...