10 classic yoga mantras

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Yogic mantras and wisdom

Like most things, you are nothing:

  1. Your success depends on the means you adopt – mild, medium, or intense
  2. From development of the mind arise happiness, freedom, and peace
  3. The seer is intelligence only and though pure sees through the coloring of the intellect
  4. Although the activities of the different created minds are various the one original mind is the controller of them all
  5. Colored by the seer and the seen the mind is able to understand everything
  6. When you are fixed on non-receiveing, you get memories to past lives
  7. The means of destruction of ignorance is unbroken practice of discrimination
  8. Decease, mental laziness, doubt, lack of enthusiasm, lethargy, clinging to senses of enjoyment, false perception, non-attaining concentration, and falling way from the state when obtained are the obstructing destructions
  9. The remedy is to practice on one object
  10. The seer is he who is one with himself
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