108 Powerful Mantras to Live By

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Amazing Mantras to Live By

1. Today is a day
2. Every choice creates you
3. Every place in the world is the perfect place to be
4. The present is the only thing you truly own
5. Collect yourself in the joy of the present moment
6. Only this actual moment is life
7. Move in harmony with the now
8. Become totally empty and quiet the restlessness of your mind
9. Let go of forms and concepts and become free
10. You will be free, when you do each deed as if it is your last and become content with your share of the universe
11. From contentment comes superlative happiness
12. If you stop feeling you will not know pain or pleasure, only calm
13. How easy it is to return to perfect calm
14. Be like the rock in which the waves continuously crash, that stands still and tames the fury of the water around it
15. When you are calm, noble, and patient you are in balance with the universe
16. Remember the celestial bodies that rise each day without fail
17. Harmony gives birth to happiness and peace
18. Inner peace is your greatest source of energy and strength
19. The strength of your spirit, your energy, and your passion pave your path
20. Take one step at a time
21. Be awake and aware
22. Let calmness guide you
23. Always do the right thing
24. Learn with a humble mind
25. Every breath shapes you
26. Know yourself
27. Live simply
28. Have courage
29. Nothing works all the time or with everyone
30. Nothing comes from nothing
31. Silence is your truest friend
32. Find the stillness and peace within you
33. When you see peace, plan for war
34. Practice mental calmness, composure, and evenness of temper
35. Composure focuses your strengths
36. Bring power to the organs and the body by destroying the impurity
37. Only acquire habits that you can practice your entire life
38. By establishment of countenance, energy is gained
39. Energy, equanimity, and mindfulness are fundamental
40. Build your house of solid ground
41. When giving be kind
42. When speaking be truthful
43. When ruling be just
44. When working be one-pointed
45. When acting – remember timing is everything
46. Be proactive
47. Action expresses priority
48. Act without expectation
49. Detach yourself from the fruits of the action
50. Never seek or expect gratitude
51. Do not take anything personally and do not make assumptions
52. Always go and see for yourself
53. Embrace the spirit of challenge
54. Estimate yourself justly
55. Set your goals within your compass
56. Focus your efforts and minimize the noise
57. Begin with the end in mind and center in your principles
58. Put first things first
59. Think win-win
60. See beyond yourself
61. Seek first to understand and then to be understood
62. Value differences and expand perspectives
63. Lead without leading
64. Sharpen the saw with balanced and sustained application of effort
65. Effort and activity create energy
66. Calmness in activity is true calmness
67. Flow with joy and ease and force nothing
68. Flow like a river
69. Stand like a tree
70. Be still like a mountain
71. The nature of the experience is for you
72. You are a grain of sand
73. Look inside and find your pain
74. Suffering is the norm
75. Recognize the cause of your suffering
76. Follow the path to end your suffering
77. Seek the right perspective
78. Set the right objectives
79. Use the right language
80. Take righteous actions
81. Adopt righteous means
82. Let mindfulness be your compass
83. Enhance your concentration
84. Refine your meditation
85. Keep your mind still
86. A disciplined mind brings happiness
87. When the mind is free of desires, concentration, composure, and unification of the mind occur
88. Freedom comes through fate, energy, memory, concentration, and constant practice
89. Practice with focus and commitment
90. Never give up
91. Control comes through practice and non-attachment
92. Do not cling to anything
93. There is nothing we can hold on to in this world, only by letting go, can we truly possess what is real
94. Impermanence is inescapable
95. Unbroken practice is the way
96. Walk with diligence
97. Travel light
98. Let go of yourself
99. Help others
100. Have purpose
101. Grow and learn
102. Be open-minded
103. Be humble
104. Be calm
105. Be the peace
106. Be the flow
107. Be the path
108. It will come

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