Anger Revealed

anger poem

Sometimes I want to burn them all,
to wash away all the dirt beneath
their dirty feet, make them fall and fall,
from the cliffs; into waters underneath.

Anger is my God! I pray to Him!
And He answers back with thunder
lightning and it looks so damn grim.
My human heart is torn asunder.

My thoughts are running freely,
towards abyss of insanity!
Wrath and revenge keep me;
dragging down like gravity.

Tears rolling down, leaving traces steaming
No one would ever listen, see or feel-
muttered words, shaking hands and bleeding.
It is accursed place and darker world.

Sleep is waiting; rescue lies there –
eternal, emerald, offers bliss.
Hush, close your eyes and lips!
It’s gone… you’re gone.! Where?



photograph by Jamie Street

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