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The Rebellion page includes all poetry. We had created this page to make a stand for the place of poetry in our lives. We rebel to include poetry in our progress as a global society.

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Kronos Got Drunk — Part Nine

Serial Fiction   They seemed to fuse into a giant ball of fur and feathers; clawing and biting and emitting deafening sounds from their maws. In the chaos, I saw the pocket watch rip from...

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Killing A Dream

Poem   Some days are hard and sometimes I see the light but how can I? Say goodbye? To you, my dreams, my true love and passion, the strongest affection… I hate the days...

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Nonet (I)

A frenzied passion strives for beauty fervid minds overflow with vision tempestuous, our psyches like the rising oceans swift inspiration washes away the anchor of our peace

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Running In The Dark

Poem   There are no stars tonight To hang above our thoughts Clouded are our passages Like the light of the moon Am I running away or toward Dangers of an unchosen life I...

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Poem   Oh boy… We have come to this Weather a rose down to its thorns You see something hidden in the lush Notes of the petal’s scent Sharp pain a secondhand prize Awarded...

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Life Amassed

Poem Dreaming in gold, radiant and bright Mind drifting like a gentle kite Laying in a sunbeam slumber A simple treasure Swimming in umber Ocean of yesterdays, to and fro Left on the wayside...

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Poem   Spirits in my head Invisible to you But so real to me. Ghosts move about In the most silent moments Putting me to sleep. Do you see The colorful bouquet Growing out...

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Underneath Her Golden Charms

Poem For all pine after her shining airs Exalt her agreeable, confident layer And she arises with grandiose care To meet their hopeful, expecting stares Yet underneath her golden charms, Her fluid gait and...