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The Rebellion page includes all poetry. We had created this page to make a stand for the place of poetry in our lives. We rebel to include poetry in our progress as a global society.

Bulbs 2


room of light balls room of candles room of bluebells bluebird then the images disappear as they are wanted to more by URSULA RABAR BABIC

ghost poem 0


Poem Light on the leaves Beams through the trees Footsteps gentle on the grass Dreams blurring Memories stirring Subdued feelings in the landscape Ghosts we knew Walking with us as we grew The cast...


Hey How About

Happily ever after? Let’s test that theory Further along Short woes Fill out the long form The dénouement is a laser show For the blind Tapestries seem to hang better Under stars Finally things...

Road, poem about liberation 1


Poem My mind’s just beginning to settle Realizing this life is but an odyssey So I’m walking towards eternity Leaving behind whispers in each taken step This, I am sure, is true reincarnation I...

After The End 0

After The End  

Set me down in the ashes After the end of things. When the clocks have accepted their stillness. With cool silences stretching unfettered overhead. We could send our stories elsewhere, Off where they keep...

The Sea and Me 1

What It Takes

Stop waiting. You already have what it takes. Too often we live in procrastination Too often we forget to find meaning A chance to grow A chance to succeed A chance to taste sweet...

sorrow poem 0

No One There For Me

Poem   At the end of the day when Sun is setting and all summer dwellers are playing tango in the lights of crimson, pink and auburn I’d hold you forever, never let it...

poem about wine and friends 0

Vineyard Vines

Poem   Tired feet but a full soul Days of working and tomorrow more Sun beating down on their backs Backs shaped into steal and coal Hands grazing along the vines Making sweet juices...