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The Rebellion page includes all poetry. We had created this page to make a stand for the place of poetry in our lives. We rebel to include poetry in our progress as a global society.

Bubble 0


It’s not large… Inside, there’s room for me and he, And we float on rays of light for stretches at a time. The colors swirl on the soap walls around us, I know better,...

Introspective Poem 0

Indecision Den

Introspective Poem   Here I am again Thinking yes, saying no Staying here Wanting to go Stuck. Again. In this indecision den Stuck in fear of possible growth and change and expanding my range...

beautiful poem about life 0

Isn’t it Beautiful?

Poem   Spirits in my head Invisible to you But so real to me. Ghosts move about In the most silent moments Putting me to sleep. Do you see The colorful bouquet Growing out...

poem about desperation 0

There Is No End

Poem   In the darkest tunnel after shadows black and long. He awaits me, with his hands towards me… I am walking like a ghost not afraid of the misty clouds and the cold...

friendship poem 1

Smoke Signals

Poem   Late night with friends The rain on the windows They shake off time passing Secret in the shadows Laughing and wondering Who each other are Falling to pieces When revealing a scar...

poems about contentment 0


Poem   The wheels on this rickety country bus continue humming along the warm pavement, turning, just as time turns and ushers me towards that place where you are wherever that is whoever you...