Author: Frank J. Tassone

clock wedged between two tree branches 0

Morning Counterpoint

That ticking clock. An electric hum. The gurgle of dripping coffee. Louder highway traffic. A gradual brightening of the sky above the Maple Six AM reflection… lines under my eyes Photo by Yaniv Knobel on Unsplash

coffee mug with steam coming out 0

Another Tired Awakening

I had just put together the disembodied alien when the radio sounded. American Authors sings “this is gonna be the best day of my life…” I slap the off switch. Lying in bed, in...

cottage in the forest with starry night sky 0

A September Insomnial Evening

Another sip of hot, honey-sweetened chamomile tea. More clock ticks, and the hum of the refrigerator. Soft light from the new stainless-steel ceiling fan illuminates both the walls’ yellow eggshell finish and the golden...

backyard with fire pit and chairs at dusk 0

Strange Sorrow

Lessons prepared. Other work will wait. I enjoy the rest of a relaxing day with the family: football, phone calls, the great outdoors. Even Syfy! Still, an uneasiness arises, like the phantom prick of...

girl sitting on a rock overlooking a lake 0

A Sunday Stroll

During the Giant game, a tease of a drive turns into a route. One I missed while at the Res with family. Sitting on a rock overlooking the reservoir. Lost in permutating ripples, and...

living room covered in darkness 0

Another “Not Yet” (9/11/14)

Two middle-aged women arrive from RPRC. After a brief conversation at our kitchen table, which they record, they take EMF readings throughout the house. After they finish, they say that they can’t get the...

couple laying on the grass in a park 0

One Week Down

It’s the end of the first full week, and I rest in the chaise. Mira lies next to me, her sunglasses giving her that Jackie Kennedy Onassis impression. Maple leaves in the canopy above...

peaces of grilled chicken in a pan 0

Two Nighttime Tastes

I savor the flavor of the first bite of freshly grilled chicken. And yet, somehow, I simultaneously taste the plain slice of pizza that I ate over two hours ago. Autumn Night moistening my...