Author: Frank J. Tassone

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Bleak Awakening

The passing of faces or the flipping of pages, the same feeling permeates the last spoken words I recall from my dream: they won’t listen. The tension: tightness, shortness of breath, exhaustion from that...

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Mira cries. She opens her arms and holds them out toward me. I envelop her. Feel her chest heave with the staccato beat of a carpenter’s hammering. Listen to her muffled sobs. All I...

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Morning Counterpoint

That ticking clock. An electric hum. The gurgle of dripping coffee. Louder highway traffic. A gradual brightening of the sky above the Maple Six AM reflection… lines under my eyes Photo by Yaniv Knobel on Unsplash

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Another Tired Awakening

I had just put together the disembodied alien when the radio sounded. American Authors sings “this is gonna be the best day of my life…” I slap the off switch. Lying in bed, in...

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A September Insomnial Evening

Another sip of hot, honey-sweetened chamomile tea. More clock ticks, and the hum of the refrigerator. Soft light from the new stainless-steel ceiling fan illuminates both the walls’ yellow eggshell finish and the golden...

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Strange Sorrow

Lessons prepared. Other work will wait. I enjoy the rest of a relaxing day with the family: football, phone calls, the great outdoors. Even Syfy! Still, an uneasiness arises, like the phantom prick of...

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A Sunday Stroll

During the Giant game, a tease of a drive turns into a route. One I missed while at the Res with family. Sitting on a rock overlooking the reservoir. Lost in permutating ripples, and...

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Another “Not Yet” (9/11/14)

Two middle-aged women arrive from RPRC. After a brief conversation at our kitchen table, which they record, they take EMF readings throughout the house. After they finish, they say that they can’t get the...