Author: Frank J. Tassone

chinese food on table with chopsticks 0

Midday Meal

The bitter-sour flavor of hot-and-sour soup. The doughy texture of the fried dumplings. Fresh sushi. The tangy sweetness of General Tso’s chicken. The sweet, creamy deliciousness of soft-serve vanilla ice cream. No wonder the...

purple dawn over a tree line with a house 0

Ordinary Awakening

I nurse a cup of coffee at the kitchen table, staring out the storm door. The darkness will crack at any moment. Inky black will fade to a deep purple, before transforming into a...

teddy bear in the grass at sunset 0

Those Toy Crabs

The last line of sunlight on the western horizon. A ruffle of papers, the rattle of a ceiling fan. A memory of the plastic crabs that I had come to possess. Was it at...

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That Black Trench Coat

The late 1910s. Grandpa Vuolo wore it on those cold days when he looked for work. It was black wool, fine as camel hair, with a raised collar and large button; the coat easily...

kitchen in early moring with the sun filtering in 0

Completing the Chore

The dishwasher hums, and the whooshing of its water drowns out the crickets. I eat my oatmeal out of Frankie’s Frosted Flakes bowl: not another clean one remains. warm aftertasteempty pill containersbeside bottles

bumper to bumper traffic on a city street 0

A Dragon-Riding Day (9/18/14)

I leave late. The traffic begins at the Garden State Parkway connector. The New York State Thruway, covered in fiberglass and steel, stretches into the blinding brilliance of sunrise. I arrive at work after...

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Bleak Awakening

The passing of faces or the flipping of pages, the same feeling permeates the last spoken words I recall from my dream: they won’t listen. The tension: tightness, shortness of breath, exhaustion from that...