Author: Frank J. Tassone

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Yet Another Repair

Mira didn’t want to tell me: the AC stopped working again. We toggled the switch, heard the hum of the intake fan, but only warm air emerged from the vent. When I went outside...

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Confessing a Reading Interrupted

Ilana’s memoir lies on top of a pile of Family Circle magazines. In all the time we worked together… … I only read half. My un-replied email August crickets

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Hematologist Follow-up

The same friendly nurse pricks my finger. Moments after taking my sample, she tells me my white blood cell count is up to 4.0 greater than normal. Then she leads me to an exam...

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Back-to-School Blues, part ?

After another night of tossing and turning, I feel a pinching sensation above my eyebrows. A tickle in my throat, as well as a slight queasiness in my stomach, soon follows. The ill-feeling spiked...

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Thwarted Ambition

We arrive at our niece’s house for her daughter’s 3rd birthday party—early. Mira wants to “hug the babies”—our newborn great niece and nephew, both of whom will be there. She had hoped to have...

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More Insomnial Moments

Quarter past midnight. The last remnant of relaxing chamomile leaves a tangy, bitter aftertaste. “Zigzagging to the light” plays across my mind as I put down an extended meditation on mentorship in Robert McDowell’s...