Author: Lucas Howard

Model Of A Man 0

Model Of A Man

Short cropped hair and silent pride Eyes that dart from side to side Scarred of face and chiselled looks The stuff of old adventure books   An out of date, hand me down Model...

Allegorical Poetry 0


Poem We are both on a seesaw and you are higher so you think you can see more. Look up at the stars now; beyond the darkness, beyond the park, beyond our town. Maybe this...

Modern Poems 0

Skater Boy

Poem Attracting my sites like a magnet Moving through the busy street Weaving through the evening traffic Setting pose with bended knee Taking flight as if by magic Landing inches from my feet Never...

mind the gap english poetry 0

Mind The Gap

Poem   I was reading Fear and Loathing for the first time in years, when a train appeared at the station and footsteps filled my ears. As the platform cleared I noticed a girl...

Basquiat 0

A Letter to Basquiat

Images juxtapose. Image is just a pose for those who wish to see it Impoverished young artist, paint spattered suit. Undercover bum, cardboard boxed in Central Park. Using the spoon in your mouth to...

Smoke 0

Start Smoking Now

Companions surrender ghostlike flesh Feeling Warmth Fading ember Breath Sculpted movement Exploring little cardboard minds Hard to find a heart as hardened – my bruiseless fingers reaching skyward Febrile hunger Clawing blind for air...

spoken word poetry 0


Spoken Word I can tell that you’re snoozin’ – call me a psychic But the only rapid movement’s under your eyelids Not sure if it’s the grade of the chro you’ve been smokin’ You...

status poem 0

Dropping Tea

Poem Some students say they think I’m posh. I am nothing of the kind.   I have learned to watch my lip. Breath, measured. Tongue, clipped. Pauses are well timed.   My broad Luton drawl...

Spoken word poem video 0

Lifting Lids

Spoken Word Film     more by Lucas Howard The Writers Manifesto  

poem about loneliness 0

Letting Go

Poem Under the covers Clutching a torch with fading batteries Flickers of my past in the dark laughing back at me Each perfect picture’s a trick, it’s a tragedy I only exist as a...

poem about rebellion 0

Lip Service

Poem I don’t wanna be stuck in a routine, a Houdini who never escaped and suffocated over seven decades. What a way to go, eh? What a waste! I’d rather be kicked in the...

poem about being a man 0

Be A Man

Poem Be a man Be a man Be a man Be a man Go to work Pay the bills Make the kill Take the Meat Show your worth Stand up tall Never fall Never...