Letting Go

poem about loneliness


Under the covers
Clutching a torch with fading batteries
Flickers of my past in the dark laughing back at me
Each perfect picture’s a trick, it’s a tragedy
I only exist as a glitch in the gadgetry
Light diminished and extinguishes, naturally
Bleakness seeps into my bones and relaxes me

I’m far too at home
As loneliness blackens my soul
I slacken my hold
And let go

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photograph by Noah Silliman

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Lucas Howard

When I was seven I started copying poems out of a book and telling people they were mine. When I ran out of good ones to copy, I had to start writing my own. I have been performing and organising nights on the UK spoken word scene now for over seven years and am most of the way through writing the first draft of my first novel 'Zedlist', which is serialised on here. As the story is in fetal form, any critiques or suggestions are most welcome.

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