Author: Lucas Howard

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Tasting Wine

When getting wasted tasting wine, you’re clearly never wasting time. Choose to spit and waste it, fine; as long as you’re not tasting mine.   more by LUCAS HOWARD Photograph by Emanuel Feruzi

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Zedlist – Part Nineteen

“That’s exactly what they want you to believe, they’ve brainwashed you, mum.” “I won’t listen to any more of this nonsense, if you carry on you can go to your room”, Valerie said. “I’m...

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Tempestuous Sea

I sailed a sea of dreams in hope to find a heart so pure, and free of crippling doubt. I had her pictured in my restless mind, before I knew to wake and seek...

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Zedlist – Part Seventeen

“The revolution will not be televised.” Kevin said, “No one ever said anything about it not being broadcast on the radio. Think about it, it’s the perfect medium. No one needs to know who...

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Lonesome Suburb

I see young families growing old, See the plot-lines of their lives unfold. I am a Lonesome suburb. I see wives in four wheel drives and question the reasons for their size. I am...