Dream Boats

boat poem
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Woke up from a dream
I am far away
A trail of thoughts
Disconnected and small
A moment fleeting
A moment here and gone

Standing now
Picking up the pieces
Trying to remember
Reaching for whatever falls
Green water, feathers and wings
Joy in a vessel
White paint chips
Floating downstream

I thought I knew
How to float on my own
When in the waking world
I thought I still flew
On dream boats without
What I was used to

But it takes time
To wait and watch
For wings to approach
For boats to cross
To sit with them
Perched on your shoulder
Or swaying gently by your side
Catching the ripples in the water
Staying with them all the while
Absorbing the microcosm of life


more by ANNA ELISE

photograph by Kevin Hou


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