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The New Poetry page is home to all poetry published on Image Curve. We believe in all forms of poetry and here you can find them all. It’s a beautiful page.

Cliff 0

An Inch

To you, it’s an inch. Just an inch in the air, a space that separates you from a desire. But for me- for me, it’s a cliff. A steep drop, into an unknown void,...

Heart Lock 0

For Me Not

For me not For you have nothing to fear But my heart For only my heart has the strength To weaken yours For only my heart can minimize Your will power For only my...

Skater 1

Stay In The Present

Wisdom is the Band Aid put on scrapes tumble-downs look mighty painful to the inexperienced the heart is strongest fresh out the package and so goes strain Upsetting world; rainy, divine happenstance teaches best...

Dandelion 0


alone in a  mysterious world of mountains and caves an endless maze floating in wind and waterfalls dandelions drifting lost and small isolated and cold at peace with ash and snow a quiet courage a silent...

Winter Woods 1


Cursed with the need to run, I am a faun in the winter wood Galloping away from the roads Off to nowhere. The blood has drained from my lips To give my tattered heart...

silence poem 0

Between Two

Poem   To think of the disparity between what we feel and what we tell Each other you would almost think at times the other didn’t Deign to say anything at all with everything...