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The New Poetry page is home to all poetry published on Image Curve. We believe in all forms of poetry and here you can find them all. It’s a beautiful page.


Silent Pain

I watched you lay there in silent pain I watched you lay look at me in silent pain Your eyes speaking without volume You tried hard to speak to me There wasn’t much I...

Summer Poem 0

Summer’s Spring

Summer Poetry   Summer for the first time Feeling colors and blossoming For the first time A giddiness for the world It tickles in the middle Like a flower playing Peekaboo, giggling Below my...

Swimmers 1


On the way home, riding through twilight and vast open fields. The sky is a glowing blue shadow. Serene and deep, we dive into it. Wrapped up in a viscous blanket. Immersed in waves...

Freedom Poems 3

Welcome, Freedom

Freedom Poems   Freedom – my shelter, my home! I forgot your kissing winds, I forgot your caressing hands.   The way you make my heart pulse and throb, the way I am reaching...

Life Poetry 0

The Present Past

Life Poetry   The baguette shaped scar on my finger reminds me of a time when I still believed in magic When I thought I was the reincarnation of a pharaoh’s wife When I used...

good and evil poem 1

Carrion Cost

Poem   I believed him a sheep, because I felt the fleece, But the wolf was always there. I never felt the sharpness of his teeth, So his secret hadn’t cost me a care....