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The New Poetry page is home to all poetry published on Image Curve. We believe in all forms of poetry and here you can find them all. It’s a beautiful page.

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Whisper, Whisper, Wearily

Poem Surreally pleasant after glow, Charms of winter’s Falling snow In lingering footless paths And designated aftermaths Full calypso Tranquil night I breathe a subdued Deathly plight My lips parted, Passionately, beneath Blankets departedly...

Freedom Poems 3

Welcome, Freedom

Freedom Poems   Freedom – my shelter, my home! I forgot your kissing winds, I forgot your caressing hands.   The way you make my heart pulse and throb, the way I am reaching...

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The Gown

Poem   Putting on the gown The pride The courage The determination The dedication The camaraderie The friendship The going through and growing through things together The promise The hope The grand adventure behind...

Prayerful Poetry 1

To God, From Human

Prayerful Poetry   I write these words to make you aware, I mean every letter I type, I am guilty for the World today, Please God, own my life. I might just be another...

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Poem There is a girl who sits on the wooden floor, no roof; The clouds floating by overhead as if down a river. She sits there in the sunlight, sorting leaves, Pushing them in...

Companionship Poem 0

Little Black Cat

Poem Little cat, So slender and smooth I’m reminded of silk by the way you move. When stars fell from your eyes like rain You showed me how to breathe again. Sometimes you sit...