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He came back today.
I was not cheered to see him.
He looked as bad for wear
As the last time the beast chose to be him.
My revulsion returned-
I fear I have not changed.

I felt time slip backward,
My thoughts became enmired-
Songs, sights
Someone I should forget
And cannot.
A time that I regret
And have not
A way to make right.

The concentrated drops of brilliance,
Gathered in moments.
Sanctified in verse.
Arrested in tragedy.
Lost in bitterness.
I cling to broken pieces
That can never be repaired.

He came back today
Like an unconfessed sin
A second chance at pity-
I failed the test again.

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VK Lynne

VK Lynne is a writer and musician from Los Angeles. She penned the award-winning web series 'Trading on 15', and her writing has been published in Image Curve, The Elephant Journal, GEM Magazine and Guitar Girls Magazine. She has authored lyrics for three of her own solo albums and for the bands Vita Nova, stOrk, and The Spider Accomplice.

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