A Dream

dream poetry



Ploughing seas and crystal ocean,
gazing at the island full of green,
longing for a shelter – healing lotion,
for Sun is burning Hell and Steam.
Then I step into a world of wonder –
gold and diamonds, silk and glamour…
As winds of South and North encounter,
and all my body feels a fever tremor.

Come and stay,
No need to pray,
Forget the past,
It shall not last!”

Suddenly I walk the woods of pine,
all my friends are there, all are fine,
and with laughter loud and smile,
We enter lovely hut for fun exile.
And I was wandering the earth alone…
then I met her when it started raining,
And hand by hand toward our future home,
o, Love, the happiness was there waiting.

Sleep and rest,
Have my caress!
No time for sorrow,
just dream and follow…”



photograph by Julia Caesar


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