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That Morning Reluctance

Haibun Didn’t want to rise. Turned off the clock and rolled over. A half-sleep doze and I’m up. Don’t want to go; drag my body and mind and stay at the table watching dawn...

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Old World Market

Haibun An aroma of sharp cheddar and freshly baked bread. Wood rafters and paneling rise to a slanted ceiling. A Buddha on one wall, and other cultural icons spread around. We make our way past a...

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At a Nyack Pastier

Haibun Didiere and Dumas, Nyack, New York : The black frosting of the dark chocolate mousse pastry catches the light through the display case. “Do you want the mousse or the raspberry tart?” I...

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Empty Gestures

Haibun Nothing left to offer but the rain sunset on the Ramapo Mountains not a drop falls more by FRANK J. TASSONE photograph by Frances Gunn The Writers Manifesto

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Mom, Incapacitated

Haibun Mom lies on her side. Her once immaculate hair now spreads across her pillow. She doesn’t know how she is. Only that she hasn’t been out of bed more than a half an...


Making Pizza Again

Haibun The aroma of sautéed onions reaches the living room. My eyes fill with tears. She clears the onions, adds the freshly rolled baking dough to the pan. Enraptured by the scent, I fully...

haibun poem 1


Haibun Frankie pounds the brown, floral-print pillow on our Lazy Boy. He screams. Then utters a long series of unintelligible noises. His tear-swollen eyes soon turn red. He never gave us a permission slip...