A Last Chance Or None At All

poem about never letting you go



The end walked whistling by, under the shinning sun.
It had got tired of all the hue and cry, was going for a sun burn.
The water in the rivers had died, and the animals craved a bun.
The end walked whistling by, under the shinning sun.

Things had gone beyond control.
A maddening swirl of truth and lies lay on the long, lost road.

Learn to love beneath the surface when the mere beauty dies
Learn to give a last chance to trust.
Love openly and freely
Love with the strength of earth’s crust.

Disappointment is inevitable, disappointment is a law
Fear not the rejection, fear not the hurt.
Laugh and smile and enjoy the bumps
Happiness and only happiness could also be a possible result.



photograph by Joshua Earle


The Writers Manifesto


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