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Misjudged – Part Two

Short Story About Decision Making for Kids Tommy was still feeling a little uneasy about hanging out with the three teens. They seemed nice enough, but he just remembered how his parents always told...

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Locker 138

Short Story About School Locker 138 is the place where I met the best girlfriend I ever had and where I broke up with her. It’s also where I made about $300 off of...

Whale, short story about shipwreck 0

Animal Dilemmas – Whale Ants

Short Story Bedtime Stories for Kids The ant colony was growing so large and strong that the giants that ruled the ship started noticing it more often and losses of hundreds of worker ants...

short story about a message in a bottle 2

Family in a Bottle

Message in a Bottle Short Story Walking down the beach was one of Sarah’s favorite things to do. She lived in a busy city, and while she loved it, it was nice to take...

fiction books about utopian societies

Nature Mantras

Morning Nature Mantras I am grass I am tree I am river I am rock I am air I am mountain I am sand I am wave I am sea I am nature

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Short Story About Identity for High School Students I don’t see you a lot anymore. Well, I see you, but you always have those sunglasses on that make you look like everyone else. We...