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Press This Button

All that time it took jeesus search like a sexually frustrated TSA employee and find nothing that’ll stick nothing that denials can’t sing along to Till trouble, embarrassed, pays the bill slinks out and...

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Finding Middle Ground

Beauty once lead me on high Then dropped me down, a base reprise Colored blue, de-sensitized In purgatory, compromised I want to live, I want to die Feel life flash before my eyes Pinch...

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Sleepy Contemplations

I’ve got thoughts in my head And dreams in my pockets I’ve worn smiles on my face Amidst sleepy contemplations There are journeys to be made And adventures to be had But my eyes...

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The Grove

It was like waking from a dream to the reality I should have had, but I was still awake in the smell of pine when I heard the drumming. The flicker of candlelight licked...

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A Blank Check

Master list of angst bullet points ricochet in French more common than stars in the sea Sheer height cranes a neck wears down the shoulders for the burden victory useless in the dark and...

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In The Land of Promise

In the Land of Promise. This life of mine runs amuck, With water filled lungs And a wavering heart. Trouble was about me. The gossip was, let him sink. Oh, my dear, Precious you...