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Sigmar Polke at MoMA

Art Article   Emerson said, “Life is a journey, not a destination.” Creating art, much like life, is also a journey. In advance of the Museum of Modern Art’s show, “Alibis: Sigmar Polke 1963-2010,”...

Ajax the Lesser 0

Ajax The Lesser

Here is where confidence leads to doom Bigger the ego the harder the rocks break on your bones WWE before I knew it was fake Would say that’s gonna leave a mark But on...

Bubble on The Street 0

The Street Is Sowed With Cans

The street is sowed with cans; she does not recoil from the bounty — she is an American. Her quivering talons pick the knot with a master’s patience, nimble thumbs pry and part the...

Protected Occupations 2

Protected Occupations

It began because it was easy. Everyone tries to tell you that your heart and your mind will always be at war, but if they somehow sync up, don’t question it. Just go. Be...

Where Love Resides 0

Where Love Resides

Love are these crushed blossoms that I hiked up and down the Montmartre steps to bring to you just because I knew you’d like them And I dream that you will clasp them in...

Dreams 0

Dreams (II)

In my dreams I search for the perfect place. Solitary, bright peaceful and vibrant. In my dreams there are many endless roads from which I can see prospective comfort. In my dreams I know...

Butterflies 0

Untitled (I)

Butterflies? More like a school of sardines swarmed by dolphins. Swirling, churning the water. Rolling into a tight, anxious sphere. Hoping to escape the certainty of being devoured.

Waves 1


Maya Angelou said that being American means being white and everyone else has to hyphenate But what about those who hyphenate their lives in order to come together as a single unit Without titles...