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Save the Kiss for Last

Surreal Poetry A hungry man will never turn away from distractions inviting him to feel full In that way, survival takes on a thrusting Tint serious only regarding a palm’s distance away from the...

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Smuggs ’14 Chronicle, Day 3, July 27, 2014

We arrive at the Notch Squad tent. Alison, a stocky, twenty-something woman smiles and greets us. A few moments later, she moves all of us—a handful of kids and parents—to Rigabello’s, since camp is...

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TormentedMadIllBrilliantSadMelancholicStupidWicked Words on paperThat is what that isDon’t you think? more by URSULA RABAR BABIC

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Press This Button

All that time it took jeesus search like a sexually frustrated TSA employee and find nothing that’ll stick nothing that denials can’t sing along to Till trouble, embarrassed, pays the bill slinks out and...

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Finding Middle Ground

Beauty once lead me on high Then dropped me down, a base reprise Colored blue, de-sensitized In purgatory, compromised I want to live, I want to die Feel life flash before my eyes Pinch...

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Smuggs ’14 Chronicle, Day 2, July 26, 2018

see Mansfield againbefore taking the plunge downthe spiral pipe sliderelaxing in the hot tubFrankie under my arm The Cabot Factory Outlet in Waterbury offered a crowded house more than cheese samples. A pixie-cut-haired young...