As The Light Goes Down

poem about light and darkness


As the light goes down,
shades are passing by,
faces once so close
are nothing but a night.
Faces once so true
turned into a tree of lies…

Faces once so loved –
distant, windy heights.

As I reach out for the light,
the light has fully gone
and I’m feeling cold, like stone,
and kiss the dreadful night.

As the moments last forever,
and forever is the night,
I rest my head with no remembrance
of the days I saw it bright.

All I want is close, I know,
and as the light goes down
shades will pass and die,
and when the sunny days arise,
I will love, and breathe, and fly…


photograph by Ryan Lum

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  1. Ilidan Stormrage says:

    So dark, so distant, so far away… good one!

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