Remains of the Day

girl walking on beach with dog at sunset

when you look back
at a dark hour
and ask yourself
what have you accomplished today
what do you say?
rivers, mountains, suns
reflections in the water sea of echoes…
is that it?

no, you answer
I haven’t dreamt at all
I walked the old path
said the well-known words
listened to the same people
and answered the same questions

when you consult the long list of life’s goals
and check the ones that made you smile
because you remember exactly
the feeling of warmth and love
from the child within shushed years ago
which ones are still left to do?

none, you answer
I haven’t made one at all
there is no need for a list
as my goals have become less important
what I need is purpose,
a purpose to be happy


photo by Spencer Watson


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