A Treatise On Before

Short Religious Story
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Short Religious Story


A Before Treatise

Before time, space, matter, force or motion came forth in power from the Creator of All,

His Seraphim, Lucifer also called the Morning Star blaspheme with mutinous pride, attempted to dethrone and punk, the most High God, with an innumerable crowd of angels.

A third of the heavenly stars, not Hollywood’s, gathered to war against the Holy Trinity.

Michael, the archangel and God’s loyalists, battled the Alpha liar, traitor and prevailed.

Then at the dawn of measured time, before the earth was shaped and set on its axis or its ether laden with evaporated moisture, Lucifer and his demons were expelled and hurled down from Heaven into a prepared darkness and formless void, as they were non-corporal being.

Chapter one, verse two, enter the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, some say the feminine component of the God head because of His gentle, nurturing and persuasive ways as He broods over the firmament seeding life from nothing.

The third part of the Trinity, the Word, ignited the spark of life with, ‘Let there be..’

And John the Beloved wrote, ‘In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God!’

No Jew, no Muslim, no Catholic, no Methodist, no male, no female, no young, no old, no beauty, no duff, no gentile, no shepherd, no Silicon Valley, no created others or blurred, muddled beings, no temple, no sackcloth or ashes, no Presbyter, no shaman, no music man, no Pope, no fanciful or frightening aliens, no filthiness of money, no slaves, no misers, no anti-poverty program, no Jones or Macbeth, no works of the hand, no superior hue or race, no  more scales of weighted  trickery, no banks or Robber barons with greed mounting, no crafty reductions, no parade of riches, no Valentino of wears, no circumcision or traditions of worth, nothing.

There is no one not seen or deeds unknown and accounted for by the loving, truth or awareness of the Dynamic Trio, God.

But the children of the dust, wearied and spoiled the ground outside of Eden’s guarded entrance with wanton acts of disobedience as they reasoned His words foolish and bothersome.

He, the created angel, the ultra politician, the promiser of everything but delivers nothing, the Spoiler of many spirits and of dusty flesh, was there in the bowels of the earth when God breathe life into the new creation, the man, Adam.

The savant of creation, able to control the weather, name and record species and their derivations, the first nerd was unable to stand for a holy standard instead capitulated a throne to a woman and to a shadow spirit of degraded might, like Wallis Simpson’s English Monarch.

Adam, unlike the man David, the bloody giant slayer was a dandy, a tampon king in comparison.

The predestined why’s have not been told or written knowing that everything in creation has its purpose, even the trials to the forging out of faith liken unto an appendage of the body which once was thought to be useless until it was removed to the hurt of the patient.

Like wondering sheep gone astray in the domain of wolves, the first couple listened to a different voice not their maker’s for a depraved, thrilling but short lived trapping snare.

In shaming confusion, bewildered fear and broken fellowship, they sought to hide from their neglecting choice behind branches and fig leaves.

The banished couple lived, conceived and raised their degenerated  offspring who pushed outward and away from Eden like sprouting weeds.

The couples seed roamed and overtook the plush, vegetated lands that were watered by the meandering Euphrates in a place they called Cush which was full of bdellium gum, onyx and gold.

The place which is known today as, Iraq.

It is estimated that from the point of the banishment to the time of the first murder which was about 140 years that Adam and Eve’s descendants were number upward of 120,000.

It happened that Satan incited rebellion in the offspring of Adam by fostering stubborn pride and petty  competition

between the brothers.

At the appointed time, it happened that Cain and baby brother, Abel brought a burnt offering to God.

Inside the garden, God demonstrated that through the killing of  an animal that they could not cover their naked transgressions with fig leaves because their rebellion was great and infected death into everything and everyone so that only death through the drawing of blood could be an atonement.

Killing and burning an animal and all its parts except the hide, as a sacrifice of atonement was the only way for acceptable offering for mans sins and

As a renewal of relationship with the


And God knowing the shrewd, deceptive nature of Satan and the foolish pride of His children, warned Cain that, Satan, the Tempter craved mastery over him.

Just as He deceived Eve, he  wrestled the earth from Adam and lusted to posseses


It was to the land East of paradise called Nod that God allowed Cain to flee after the first murder and away from His punishing presence and fellowship.

He took with him a wife from either Seth’s or Adam’s lineage.

There he established the first structured settlement which he named after his first son, Enoch by mixing straw, stone dust with congealed animal blood and body parts as a pasty mortar without the influence of or belief in his Maker.



Photograph by Kien Do


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