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In Demons we include fictional narratives that deal with duplicity and mythical spirits inhabiting our world and altering fates.

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Lachlan – Part Four

Short Story There was something in the bath. Henry looked up and saw a dark shape moving behind the shower curtain. There was a deep guttural humming, and splashing and squelching and slapping. Henry...

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Kill It

Sound Screams Fear postpone charlatan reactions to justice leaping into disastrous victory lies; even the good ones that create a vortex of honey in the pit of your stomach when the getaway is Scott...

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Cupcakes and Fingernails – Part Fifteen

Short Story She eventually found another stretch of hallway on what could have been the eastern side of the building. Boarded windows lined the right-hand wall, letting in slightly more light through their cracks...

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Lachlan – Part Three

Short Story So the next evening in the shed, Henry asked Lachlan what he wanted. “I want you to stop being Spineless.” “What do you mean?” “You’re pathetic. You swallow your rage.” “I don’t...

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Zedlist – Part Fourteen

Kevin was looking through the research notes Tim had given him, using them as a starting point to initiate some of his own online research. He was looking at demonology, drawing from folklore and...

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Lachlan – Part One

Short Story Henry’s calm outward demeanour was achieved at a terrible price. Whenever he felt frustration or rage he would bite his tongue, and send the ugly feelings back from whence they came. Denied expression,...