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The New Fiction page houses all the prose published on Image Curve by our authors. It is an umbrella term for contemporary prose – short, long or serial.

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Pariah Queen

Short Story She never meant to kill anyone. Or anything. In this moment nostalgia yet again hotfooted through her synapses; a jagged, fiery sensation. Her mother was a striking artist and a fashionable smoker....

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The New Addition

Short Story   ‘But where did you get it, mom?’ Beverly continued to unpack her bags slowly and methodically, like she usually did. She pulled out a melon and placed it on the counter, then...

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Gin And Jazz

Short Story   I pulled the needle over to the record. It scratched as it spun. Two greats in duet. It had a sweet swell of suspicion to the tone of the cornet. I...

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Short Story   What is that incessant tapping? I look down at my shaky hand and identify the culprit. Ugh. Do something else. I pick up my pen and begin to move it across...


Angel In the Smog

This bus driver is a good man. His ring is gold with lots of holes in it, intertwined like a wrap of some kind of jungle leaf or something. It makes me wonder… Trinidadian,...