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Haiku is a three verse ancient Japanese style poetry the our poets occasionally entertain and pay tribute to. This page is haiku’s home on Image Curve and is growing fast.

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Diamond Gaze

Diamond piercing gaze Lashes sharp like barbed wire fences Guarding wary soul more by A. M. LAINE Photograph by Rolands Lakis

Snow Pines, Prose Poetry 0

Snow Day?

Haibun (Prose Poetry)   The slumbering birch and maple trees sway back and forth. The lowest wisps of cloud enshroud the tallest in gray mist. Snow falls everywhere. Frankie and I sit at the...

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The Death Knell of Columbus

Haibun Poem   The women wear suits. We file into the auditorium for our December Professional Development. Our Principal, Lisa, stands at the front. “Our agenda has changed. Please let me introduce our superintendent…”...

Haibun Poetry, Spring Party, Autumn Post 2

Spring Party, Autumn Post

Haibun Poetry   His son’s face is covered in a greenish-yellow goo! Chris holds his daughter, showing an “aw shucks” grin. I stare at his Facebook photo. The last time he called, I knelt...