Empty Intimacies

haibun, intimacies

Haibun Poem


The towers of the George Washington Bridge straddle the traffic. The constant drone outside our motel room is our own urban surf. Inside, a musty smell from the carpet complements the faded wall-paper peeling at the corners.

We dress. Step outside into a hot, sticky August night.

Like the last two hours didn’t happen.

Horns and sirens
Headlights passing by
A worn out door

Photograph by Ryan McGuire


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Frank J. Tassone

I fell in love with writing ever since I wrote my first short story at the age of 12 and my first poem in high school. My free-verse has appeared in the literary e-zine Pif. My haibun has been published in Cattails, Haibun Today, Contemporary Haibun Online (CHO) and Contemporary Haibun, CHO's annual print anthology. I am honored to be a part of the Image Curve community as a contributing poet.

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