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Inspiration is why we created Image Curve, to bring inspiring people together in order to inspire the rest. When am author tackles the concept of inspiration directly we include his work on this page.

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The Dragonfly

Poem The Dragonfly flew away it all started one winter evening when the blackness of the sky landed in the ink I felt change was around me and called on ancient rituals tha dragonfly...

Seaside Cliff 0


Gongs ring, serenity in a temple Mountains, ruins, waterfalls Lost in timelessness, the depths of a dream Tender hues looking through a prism Paths moving soft light, angle unfolds Rippling water, secrets are told...



Poem The light in the trees shines my eyes The breeze from the white sky Cools my burning mind The life in the tall grass Cleans what I see The open space surrounding me...

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A Dream’s Hope

Poem   A dream is mesmerizing to the soul, meandering entirely through the essential entity. It breathes eternally and endlessly, continuously fulfilling its intoxicating effect. A dream supports the soul upon effort’s epiphanies and...

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Explosions In The Pen

Poem   Bring me salvation in the pen. In well wishes scribbled out On the back of leftover napkins. Watch the ink blot out Radiant explosions. The letters may never say What we hoped....