Bury Me With a Smile

Inspirational Poem
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Inspirational Poem


When I die, bury me with a smile
So everyone will know my life was worth while.
Put me in the box, but leave out the suit.
Let me wear street clothes – nothing about death is cute.
Make sure above my tomb there is a tree planted atop
So my life can feed the roots of a life giving crop.
Though I will be stiff, put my two fingers in the air
And play some jams so hands can wave and air out their cares.
At my funeral, hold the ceremony outside
So the sun, seas and sky can say their goodbyes.
Care must be taken not to bar any from my wake.
If my enemies come, into the next life their hate I will take.
Into my casket, pour all your worries and doubts
So that after you leave, no more tears will come out.
Because, when I die, I will still have my smile
And all can rest easy knowing my life was worth while.


more by E.J. TANNER

Photograph by Reymark Franke



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